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Good People Facing Criminal Charges

Jan. 2, 2020

“Until this, I have never had so much as a speeding ticket.” “I have NEVER been in trouble before.” “I cannot believe this is happening, I don’t get in trouble, I don’t want this on my record.”

As a criminal defense lawyer, I have heard all three of these phrases, or some version of them, many many times. This is because even good people, can find themselves facing criminal charges. We are all human beings. We all make mistakes. Unfortunately, a lot of “Good People” think that only bad people get charged with crimes. What criminal defense lawyers know is that the line between “Good People” and “Bad People” can be very thin. Here are some examples of Good People Facing Criminal Charges:

John, a family man, member of his church, combat veteran and middle management at a local business went out to a Holiday party at the request of his boss. John isn’t a heavy drinker and didn’t want to go. On the way home, and after the holiday toast, John fails to use a turn signal when he changes lanes. John failed a field sobriety test and found himself in jail charged with Driving Under the Influence.

Jessie, a recent graduate of a prestigious college in Nashville, frequent soup kitchen volunteer and honor student is on her way to move back to North Carolina to start a masters program at an equally prestigious school in that state that awarded her a scholarship. She is stopped for speeding and the officer finds a small marijuana roach leftover from the graduation festivities. The trickle down effect had Jessie frantically seeking legal advice and wondering if her future was in jeopardy.

Steve and his wife are going through a rough patch. They have two children and life has gotten difficult because adult life is difficult. They both work middle class jobs and make ends meat. Once night during an argument, Steve’s wife mentions divorce. This hurt him so much he took her phone and asked her to sit and talk about it with him. The neighbors heard the argument and called the police. By the time the police arrive, the two are talking calmly. Steve admits to taking her phone. Steve is charged with Domestic Assault and taken to jail over the objections of his wife.

Joie works at a short term loan business. One of those cash advance places. She is a single mother, who works hard for her family but just falls short some months. On one of those months, she “borrowed” some money from her employer in the form of a fake loan. For the next several months to a year she tried to pay the money back without anyone knowing but couldn’t escape the “interest”. When she was caught, she was fired and turned into law enforcement.

Jeff, a mechanic with a small daughter gets into a car wreck. Because he has no insurance, and its only a small fender bender, he does not go to the doctor. Over the next few months, Jeff cannot deal with the continued neck pain since the accident. He discovers that he has issues with the discs in his neck but again, cannot get them repaired because he has no insurance and has to work to provide for his daughter. Instead, Jeff gets a prescription for opiods from the health department. Soon Jeff is addicted and cannot get the prescription refilled. One day after Jeff leaves work and has picked his daughter up from school, he gets stopped for an bad tail light. Officers find unprescribed pills in his pocket. Jeff is arrested and his daughter is picked up by the Department of Children’s Services.

It is very easy to say that people should not break the law and they won’t have anything to fear from the criminal justice system. However, it is simply much easier to come into contact with law enforcement nowadays than it ever has been. In this modern society it is simply too easy to find Good People Facing Criminal Charges. If you are one of these Good People, please contact Byars Law so that you can ensure that an arrest will not destroy the good life you have built.