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Best Possible Scenario

5.0 stars

April 17, 2018

Not only did Mr.Byars sound the most confident out of all the lawyers I spoke with, he, in fact, gave better projections for what he felt was possible and stuck to his word. Not only did he predict and achieve better results than any other lawyer I talked to in Cookeville, but he also saved me thousands compared to others who weren't even sure they could keep me out of a jail cell. The only Putnam county lawyer to consider.

- Anonymous

Great Lawyer!

5.0 stars

June 22, 2017

I needed my record expunged before applying to graduate school. I had multiple charges from years ago, which made the paperwork difficult to do on my own. I hired Gordon to expunge my record. He filed the paperwork almost immediately. I checked my record a few weeks after, and my record was clear. I feel confident in hiring Gordon Byars if a future need arises. He is very personable, intelligent, and works swiftly to get your issues resolved.


Absolutely wonderful!!!

5.0 stars

June 22, 2017

Gordon was my defense attorney and he was GREAT, he got me a great deal with pre-trial diversion, so everything will come off my record. He saved my career!


Great family law attorney!

5.0 stars

October 29, 2014

Gordon (and the office he works out of) came recommended to us by several other attorneys in the area. We needed to retain an attorney on rather short notice that could help us with an urgent family court matter in TN. We are in Arizona and hired him after a phone consultation and we were very pleased with the service he provided. He was knowledgeable about the subject matter, very prompt in gathering and providing information to us relevant to our case and diligent in achieving a favorable outcome for us.


So Relieved to Have a Resolution

5.0 Stars

November 11, 2019

I just wanted to tell you I appreciate everything you done for me. I am so relieved to have a resolution in my case. These past 15 months have been hard, the unknown is scary but you came in and got stuff done fast! I wish you could have been my lawyer from day one! I know what you did doesn’t seem like much to you, but to me it feels like you saved my life. I will get to see my girls grow up. I am so grateful. The way you carry and present yourself, you demand respect in a courtroom and that’s badass!

Your client,


PS: your bowties are cool AF!

Quality Legal Representation

5.0 stars

June 9, 2017

I approached Gordon about renegotiating a family legal matter in which the settlement terms were stacked heavily against me. From our first meeting, Gordon's expertise and his fresh perspective gave me the confidence to move forward with my case. Gordon was approachable, personable, and informed throughout the proceedings. He guided me thoroughly through every phase of our case, from petitioning the court right on through discovery and the trial itself.

He shared his knowledge and experience about the law and the community to help inform my decisions. He helped me to achieve a more favorable outcome than I ever thought possible. I don't believe I ever would have gotten the same result without him.

- Richard

Responsive & Strategic

5.0 stars

October 16, 2016

Mr. Byars has worked diligently with me to help me, help my nephew with his criminal case. He has made recommendations for treatment facilities and represented my nephew to help him get approved to get into them. He is not only an excellent attorney, who takes time to strategically approach issues, he cares about people.


Exceptional attorney!

5.0 stars

October 14, 2016

Gordon Byars is a wonderful attorney. I needed an attorney, called his office and he called me in for a free consultation. I hired him immediately. He is very professional and works hard for his clients. I recommend Mr. Byars to anyone that needs a good honest, hard-working attorney.


One Word, "WOW"

5.0 stars

May 30, 2015

He took, on a scale of 1 to 10, my stress levels from a 10 to a 2, and only a 2 cuz I was unsure of how things would turn out until he was done — and that's because I have panic disorder, not because of him. He's very professional and so nice. I was so comfortable telling him everything. I've always stayed away from lawyers thinking it was too much money, but in the long run, I saved more than 3 times what I would have without him by my side. I'll always use him now and recommend him 100%!! THANK YOU, MR. GORDON!!