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Ramon Damas

Attorney at Law

All roads lead to Cookeville. Mr. Damas first came to Cookeville when he was a teenager from Miami, Florida. Born in Morristown, New Jersey but raised in Miami; Cookeville was different. The son of Honduran immigrants, Mr. Damas was welcomed with open arms by the Cookeville community.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Damas found himself submerged in Cookeville life from hiking in Burgess Falls to competing in the Mud Run at Cane Creek Park. Mr. Damas graduated from Cookeville High School in 2009. Like many Cookeville High graduates Mr. Damas attended Tennessee Tech, however in 2010, Mr. Damas’ mother was deported. This caused Mr. Damas to take a yearlong sabbatical from his studies to focus on family and refocus his sights. When Mr. Damas returned to Tennessee Tech, he had one goal and that was to become a lawyer, subsequently Mr. Damas went on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Tennessee Tech University.

After graduating from Tennessee Tech, Mr. Damas went to law school in Memphis, TN at the University of Memphis—Cecil C. Humphrey’s School of Law with the purpose of practicing Immigration Law. During law school Mr. Damas joined the Moot Court Board, worked as an extern for the Immigration Court in Memphis, and worked as a private investigator for Blackwatch Investigations. During his time at Blackwatch Investigations Mr. Damas learned that “A lie can travel around the world and back again while the truth is lacing up its shoes” is truer now more than ever.

After graduation, Mr. Damas went on to work for the Claiborne Ferguson Law Firm, a criminal defense firm where Mr. Damas learned to be a tireless advocate for those whose truth is still tying its shoes. Mr. Damas also handled the firm’s immigration clients and those criminal cases that involved both immigration and criminal issues.

Throughout his time in Memphis, Mr. Damas never forgot his adopted home in Cookeville, TN. Frequently making the long drive back home to visit family and friends, Cookeville kept proving to be different from other cities and one which Mr. Damas could not stay away from. Truly all roads led back to Cookeville.

In his spare time, Mr. Damas enjoys family activities with his wife Esther, their two daughters, Anna and Isabel, and their Siberian Husky, Kira. When his not with his family, Mr. Damas enjoys playing soccer, board games, and hiking.

Bar Admissions

Tennessee, 2018


Tennessee Technological University, 2014

University of Memphis, 2018