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Drug Charges

It is hard for the average citizen to deny that there is a drug addiction problem in our state, and in our country. Often, the people who do not have the least sympathy for people who have drug issues are those who are in the Courtroom prosecuting drug crimes.

Drug crimes have serious penalties.

Drug crimes carry some of the stiffest penalties we have in our criminal justice system and they are also some of the crimes we see the most often. With the adoption of the Drug Free School Zone Act, drug crimes can carry enormous sentences if the drug crime was committed within 1,000 feet of a school, park, or place where children frequent. At Byars Law, we have seen people from all different walks of life face criminal drug charges ranging from simple possession to conspiracy to sell or deliver more than 300grams of methamphetamine in a Drug Free School Zone. Fortunately, nearly every drug case is defensible.

Moreover, in a drug defense, one of the primary goals in addition to defeating the criminal charge is to ensure that the citizen who is charged can get the help they need. At Byars Law we use our experience and the strategic partnerships we have developed to not only defend your drug case but to also try to ensure that you have resources available to you to get clean and sober. Thankfully, there are a myriad of options available for treatment and the experienced Drug Crime Defense attorney a Byars Law can help you find the treatment options that best suit your situation. To discuss more, please give us a call.